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EasyMeasure B.V. | For simple, tailor made solutions

EasyMeasure realizes products in the fields of water purification and early warning sensor systems.

Together with partners and launching customers, Easymeasure develops these products from idea phase to production type and brings them to the market.

In the field of sensoring, a product example is the Impex dirty water sensor, an early warning system to monitor the drinking water quality for poultry. Many poultry farmers use this sensor to pro-actively prevent fouling and infection of the drinking water systems while saving water at the same time.

A product example in the field of water purification is WW Ultravibes, an ultrasound product that can be integrated in existing UV-C water disinfection equipment to increase the water treatment efficiency, in many cases with a few dozen percentage points.

Easymeasure's innovation approach is characterized by in-house development, iteratively combining science with practice, and no investors but launching customers at an early stage.

You are very welcome to contact me with technological challenges and business opportunities in the fields of water purification and sensoring. Mateo Mayer
entrepreneur / technology expert

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