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EasyMeasure B.V. | For simple, tailor made solutions

EasyMeasure is a company of Mateo Mayer and realizes products in the fields of water purification and early warning sensor systems.

Past 10 years, EasyMeasure developed open source Internet of Things (IoT) applications, sensors and water purification technology. This has resulted in completely new product lines of spectrophotometric sensors and advanced oxidation (AOP) reactors.

EasyMeasure is one of the founding fathers and co-owner of the companies Aquacolor Sensors and Water Waves. They focus on product development of sensors and purification reactors respectively and on bringing these products to the market.

EasyMeasure's innovation approach is characterized by in-house development, iteratively combining science with practice, by involving launching customers at an early stage.

You are very welcome to contact me with technological challenges and business opportunities in the fields of water purification and sensoring. Mateo Mayer
entrepreneur / technology expert

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