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Profile of Mateo Mayer

EasyMeasure is owned by Mateo Mayer. As entrepreneur and technology expert, he is continuously looking for new sustainable technological solutions, business opportunities and cooperation in the fields of water purification and sensoring.

Realizing products and bringing them to the market is what drives Mateo and makes him happy. His innovation approach is characterized by in-house development from idea phase through production type, iteratively combining science with practice, by launching customers at an early stage.

Mateo strongly believes in open and transparent cooperation in a network of partners, launching customers and independent freelancers with different expertise.


Product development, Design for manufacturing, Project management, Contractual agreements, Inventions, Patent drafting, Leadership, Teamwork, Inspirer, Chemical Engineering, Polymer science, Electrochemistry, Electrotechnical Engineering, Electronics, Scientific Computing, Sensors, Wireless sensor networks, Programming, GNU/Linux, Embedded Linux, Linux server, Microcontrollers, PCB design, Eagle PCB, Python, Fortran, HTML, PHP, CSS.


Entrepreneur / owner of EasyMeasure B.V. | Amersfoort
2007 - Present

Director / co-founder / share holder of Aquacolor Sensors B.V. | Oudehorne
2015 - Present

Director / co-founder / share holder of Smart Frequencies B.V. | Joure
2010 - Present

Director / co-founder / share holder of Water Waves B.V. | Joure
2009 - Present

Director / co-founder / share holder of Pure Green Technologies B.V. | Leeuwarden
2009 - Present

Scientific Project Manager at Wetsus | Leeuwarden

Manager Competence Team Technology of Akzo Nobel Base Chemicals | Amersfoort
Technology & Innovation Analyst of Akzo Nobel Base Chemicals | Amersfoort
Strategy Analyst of Akzo Nobel Salt | Amersfoort
Project Manager Process Improvement of Akzo Nobel Salt | Deventer
R&D project leader of Akzo Nobel Salt | Arnhem
R&D project leader Inorganic Chemistry of Akzo Nobel Central Research | Hengelo
1996 - 2007

Post doctoral fellowship at Eindhoven University of Technology | Eindhoven
1995 - 1996

Educational background

PhD Polymer reactor Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology | Eindhoven
1990 - 1995

Graduation project at DSM Research | Geleen
1989 - 1990

Chemical Engineering MSc at Eindhoven University of Technology | Eindhoven
1985 - 1990

Full Radio Amateur License at Agentschap Telecom | Groningen
2005 - 2005

Recent patent (co)inventorship

Werkwijze en inrichting voor ultrasone desinfectie van ziekenhuisafvalwater
NL1041404, filed on August 10, 2015
Owner: Water Waves | Joure

Werkwijze en inrichting voor een optische sensor om de samenstelling van een vloeistof te meten
NL1040884, patent granted on August 6, 2015
Owner: Aquacolor Sensors B.V. | Oudehorne

Werkwijze en inrichting voor een audioversterker
NL1038640, patent granted on 26-01-2015
Owner EasyMeasure B.V. | Amersfoort

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Recent publications

Hoog N.A., Mayer MJJ, Miedema M., Olthuis W., Tomaszewska AA, Paulitsch-Fuchs AH, Van den Berg A
Online monitoring of biofouling using coaxial stub resonator technique
Sensing and Bio-Sensing Research 3 (2015) 79-91; download pdf

Hoog N.A., Mayer MJJ, Miedema H., Olthuis W. Leferink F.B.J., Van den Berg A.
Modeling and simulations of the amplitude-frequency response of transmission line type resonators filled with lossy dielectric fluids
Sensors and Actuators A 216 (2014) 147-157; download pdf

Hoog NA, Mayer MJJ, Miedema H, Wagterveld RM, Saakes M, Tuinstra J, Olthuis W, Van den Berg A
Stub resonators for online monitoring early stages of corrosion
Sensors and Actuators B 202 (2014) 1117-1136; download pdf

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